Building Design

We have retained CRSA Architects to design the well building to meet the project's purpose and needs, meet our needs and standards, follow city codes and ordinances, follow and maintain the guidelines defined by the Historic Landmark Commission, and take into account public input. We have held a series of facilitated working group meetings with residents near the well site to discuss what they would like in terms of architectural design.

Here are some highlights of what we heard from residents. The building should be timeless, simple, unobtrusive, and be aesthetically pleasing. They said they liked a historic look more than modern, and that design elements should reflect historic pump houses. They also said they liked brick, stone or stucco, and that they want a design that reduces size but not at the expense of aesthetics. 

Multiple design options were developed based on resident input and design parameters. We have reviewed and discussed these design options with resident near the well site and held a virtual public open house where we shared these with the general public. Based on the input we received, we will be presenting to the Historic Landmark Commission the following proposed design option. 

Architectural Design Option

Day Time Rendering 

Night Time Rendering 

Winter Rendering